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Knighton Ingredients announces game changing ingredient application to the Chocolate Industry

Knighton Ingredients announces game changing ingredient application to the Chocolate Industry

Knighton Ingredients today announced the newest application capability for their long- established chocolate powder ‘NovaCote’.

Paul Cannings (Business Unit Director for Ingredients) said “In the use of chocolate in the manufacturing of confectionery, the process of tempering is often seen as a ‘dark art’. Tempering is necessary to produce good quality chocolate confectionery, ensuring that chocolate has the ‘snap’ and sheen that consumers expect”.

He added; “The process of tempering is something that artisanal and home chocolatiers spend years learning to perfect, to ensure that their finished products deliver exactly what the consumer is seeking. This is a process that can be extremely time-consuming, and can be messy, and quickly go very wrong, even for those who know what they are doing”.

Knighton Ingredients, which is part of Knighton Foods, is one of the UK’s leading producers of powdered food ingredients and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Premier Foods plc. The company has sites located in North Yorkshire and Staffordshire. The Staffordshire site has been present within its’ community since 1911 when it was originally constructed by Cadbury’s. Today Knighton continues to build upon this chocolate history to deliver products to some of the UK’s most recognisable brands.

Knighton’s ‘NovaCote’ chocolate powder removes the need to temper chocolate and eliminates the possibility of ‘blooming’. NovaCote is chocolate powder that has been produced by taking liquid chocolate and putting it through a cryogenic process, which alters the crystalline structure of the chocolate. Results have been confirmed by research undertaken by Campden BRI and Premier Analytical services (PAS), which demonstrate that changing of these crystal structures allows NovaCote to ‘seed’ untempered chocolate and it is anticipated that this will improve production time, reduce waste and allow manufacturers to innovate more readily.

Knighton Ingredients announced this latest application development today at The London Chocolate forum; an annual event which sees some of the biggest names globally meet to discuss, learn and understand matters of importance to the chocolate industry.

“We couldn’t think of a better location to introduce NovaCote’s expanded capabilities to the industry” said Cannings, “NovaCote is a product that Knighton has historically supplied to the food industry for use in beverage and baking products. Through the work we have undertaken with artisanal chocolatiers, we are confident that as we see more people produce at home, following the success of programmes like Great British Bake Off, and NovaCote really does bring something exciting to the chocolate industry.”

To see NovaCote in action please see Fiona Sciolti demonstrating just how easy it is to use and the benefits she has seen in using it through the youtube link below.