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No Coffee, but lots of innovation

No Coffee, but lots of innovation

On Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th September some of the Knighton Foods team headed to the London Excel to exhibit as part of the Coffee Shop Innovation Expo. Boasting over 200 hundred cutting edge suppliers and 150 expert led seminars, the event attracts thousands of visitors from small independent coffee shops through to some of the major national and international retailers.

Knowing there would be a huge selection of coffee available the team carefully selected products that encapsulate the skills and expertise that Knighton has. It was agreed after sampling that four products would best demonstrate these attributes and, would demonstrate the innovative thinking and industry insight that Knighton has to offer.

Visitors were greeted at the stand with the opportunity to try some of our premium drinking chocolate or our premium white chocolate with turmeric. These visitors were then also invited to try some of the new and exciting products developed by the NPD team at Knighton, our innovative oat breakfast drink and our moringa drink which expands upon the consumer trend to have functional ingredients.

Without a doubt and almost without exception our chocolates were met with a great response, “where can we get this”, “is there special equipment needed to have this in store” are just some of the questions asked of the team at the event. When it came to the innovation of new products the breakfast drink and moringa were both of interest, “so I can get something good at breakfast on the go without a huge list of ingredients?” and, “wow, that’s so refreshing”.

Returning from the event the team now have a list of businesses to speak to, further insight in to what consumers are really looking for and have started to increase the awareness of Knighton Foods, it’s history and most importantly the hard work, skills, expertise and commitment that every single person at Knighton Foods has to delivering great products.