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Saying "Goodbye" to an old friend

Saying “Goodbye” to an old friend

Over the coming weeks we will be saying goodbye to an old friend here at Knighton Foods.

Until 2014 Knighton Foods had its very own, onsite fire crew. The current appliance first registered in 1977 had been secured in the early 1990’s from Northern Ireland and was supported at its height with 12 members of Knighton Foods staff fully trained to provide safe operation. Many of the team who were part of the Knighton Foods fire crew themselves were, or had been retained firefighters at local stations.

Fire Crew Training
Fire Crew Training

Knighton Foods had for many years had a trailer pump system previously to provide an onsite service but the acquisition of this new appliance really made a difference to the abilities of the team. The historical reason for an onsite fire crew related to the rural location of our facility. Although a good service was provided by the regular fire service it was decided that an onsite team would further ensure the safety of everyone at to our ‘factory in the fields’

The team underwent many hours of training as part of the onsite service and as recently as 2000 and 2002 took part in regular exercises with the Staffordshire and Shropshire fire services on and off site.

As technology has progressed and the road network has improved the local fire service are now able to provide a fantastic service and as a result in 2014 the appliance was decommissioned and the onsite crew disbanded. Many of those who manned the appliance are still working at Knighton and are proud to have been part of the team.

Fire Crew Kit
Fire Crew Kit

The appliance a 1977 Land Rover Series 3 PTF has only covered just over 14,000 miles in its life and as you can see although decommissioned in 2014, the appliance has remained in situ along with the crews equipment. As part of the ongoing commitment to grow the business at Knighton we continue to make the best possible use of the space on site and for this reason our engine will be leaving us. So after nearly 30 years with us here at Knighton we will be wishing our appliance a fond farewell and thank all those who acted as part of the onsite fire team for their support in keeping everyone safe.