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The Field of Chocolate Dreams

The Field of Chocolate Dreams

​Last month we had the pleasure of inviting Angus Kennedy to the site here at Knighton. Described as being the UK’s real life Willy Wonka, Angus has a career that see’s him courting some of the most influential people and businesses globally within the chocolate industry.

The time that Angus spent with the team at Knighton saw him learning about the history of the site and the business, visiting and meeting many of the hidden treasure that our ‘factory in the fields’ holds, all with the aim of understanding and then sharing with the world his experience of his time here at Knighton.

We are proud to share that today, Angus has published an article about his visit here within Kennedys Confection, a publication that is shared with the chocolate industry. To read Angus’s article in full please click here