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To be your flexible powder manufacturer of choice, through the creation of high quality innovative products and solutions. Which is underpinned by valuing our people and fostering a culture of ‘free thinking and fun’ and striving to deliver Excellence in Customer Service at all times.


People have a right to work in an environment of mutual respect, we will always be respectful to others, will never be aggressive, equally we will not tolerate those who are disrespectful or aggressive towards us. We will, at all times respond to you in a timely and efficient manner, keeping you up to date on current issues and ensuring that you have the information you need from us to effectively manage your business.


We encourage new ideas, no idea is ever a silly idea. The saying goes, “great oaks come for little acorns” and this is something we know to be the case. Our NPD teams work hard to take all manner of little acorns and explore them with customers to see what the art of the possible actually is.


We will be focused on meeting customer’s need with agility and pace because, we understand that delivering the highest level of service is everyone’s responsibility.


Our business is built on the philosophy around striving to deliver great products and the highest level of Customer Service possible, this not only means having a collective responsibility but also when we do make a mistake we have a process in place to ensure that it doesn’t happen again and that we communicate in a transparent way.


As the saying goes, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” By working together towards a common goal, through communication and understanding our business has seen over 100 years of history at our site in Staffordshire. Today we continue to understand this and strive to ensure that everyone understands the part that play in all that we achieve.